Certified Organic Fresh Food and Fine Flowers Walla Walla, WA

Certified Organic Fresh Food and Fine Flowers Walla Walla, WA

Certified Organic Fresh Food and Fine Flowers Walla Walla, WACertified Organic Fresh Food and Fine Flowers Walla Walla, WACertified Organic Fresh Food and Fine Flowers Walla Walla, WA

Gardener's Delight- Potted Plants for Your Home Garden


  Gardener’s Delight- Potted Plants For Your Home Garden- Take II

How lovely the yards of Walla Walla are looking! Perennials have been trimmed, beds weeded. If you are ready for more plants for your garden sanctuary- delivered to your door-here is a 2nd eclectic offering of perennials that are catching my fancy. The future offerings (April  5th and 12th) will focus on plants that serve as great hosts for birds and bees and butterflies. In mid- April through mid-May,  the organically grown annual flower and vegetable starts of Welcome Table will become available for order. 

If you’d like to order plants this week, here’s how:

1. You look at the varieties and prices of the plants listed below. Goggle the varieties for descriptions. This is not organic plant stock. When Welcome Table has starts, I will make that clear.

2. Email me a list of how many you’d like of which varieties by Tuesday 9pm, along with your delivery address. Simply cut and paste the list below and add your quantities.

3. I will send you a PayPal invoice for your order on Wednesday or Thursday.

4. I’ll place an order with Walla Walla Nursery Co on Wednesday. They will deliver to me on Friday. If items are not available, I will not invoice you for them.

5. I’ll deliver to you (in the Walla Walla and College Place area) on Saturday morning between 9-noon. 

6. If there are certain plants you are hankering for, let me know and I’ll try to track them down.  Look forward to a “Birds and the Bee’s” plant list mid-April and organically grown annual flowers and veggie starts from Welcome Table end of April. Please share with your fellow gardeners. 

Happy Gardening, 







For order by Tuesday, March 31st 9pm. Delivered to your home Saturday April 4th

Sweet Alyssum “Easter Bonnet” 3.5”pot, $2

Dwarf Snapdragon “Plum Blossom” “3.5”pot, $2

Lobelia “Blue Eyes”, 3.5” pot, $2

Lettuce -Lettuce mix, 6 pack, $2 

Italian Parsley, 3.5” pot, $2

Sea Holly “Blue Glitter”, 3.5” pot, $4

Dianthus “Black Cherry Frost” 1 gal, $10

Rosemary “Alcalde Cold Hardy” 1 gal, $10  

Aronia “Viking”, 1 gal, $15 

Honey Berry “Berry Blue”, $15, (need 2 varieties for pollination),  

Honey Berry “Borealis” 1 gal, $15, (need 2 varieties for pollination)  

Day Lily “Might Chestnut”, 1 gal,  $10 

Iris “Dracula’s Kiss” 1 gal, $10  

Ninebark “Coppertina” 1 gal, $15

Peony “Coral Sunset”, 1 gal,  $15   

Peony “Sorbet”, 1 gal,  $15   

Yucca “Variegata”, 1 gal,  $10  

Forsythia “Northern Gold, 2 gal, $20

Rosa foetida “Austrian Copper , 2 gal, $20

Nature's Care 32 qt. Organic Potting Soil Mix  $12

Nature's Care 1.5 cu. ft. Raised Bed Soil $12

2020 Registration now open for our CSA farm shares.

Fresh, local produce delivered to your doorstep, or available for pickup at dispersed locations in town and on the farm. We are again partnering with Harvie, an online farm share management program, to offer tailored customer service. As a CSA member you can:

  • Customize what produce you receive in your share 
  • Easily reschedule your share or change delivery dates 
  • Use built in cooking and recipe tips 
  • Pay online with several payment plan options
  • Add “extra” products to your order  

When you join our  customizable farm share, you will get the same quality ingredients and farm-to-table connection you’ve come to expect from us over the years, but with the addition of making it easier for you to use and enjoy all your items. You’ll see less food waste and enjoy a more convenient and personalized farm share program!

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Certified Organic Fresh Food and Fine Flowers

Thank you for celebrating with flowers from here. 

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