Welcome Table Farm


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -- Noon to 6pm

Produce, Flowers, and Plants.

Large selection of heirloom tomato starts.

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At Welcome Table Farm our passion for farming comes from “growing the food we eat”

-- literally providing for our own needs as well as nourishing our community. We grow a wide range of mixed vegetables, herbs, fruit, and fine cut flowers. We strive to provide local, fresh produce for sale March through December through the Saturday Downtown Farmer's Market, our CSA subscription program, our onsite Farmstand, and sales to local restaurants, the Made in Walla Walla Box Program of the Daily Market Cooperative, and Walla Walla Public Schools.

Our food is good food - for you and the environment. As farmers, we take our responsibilities as ecological stewards seriously. We farm using organic practices, without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We build soil health through crop and animal rotations, cover cropping, compost, and natural soil amendments. We work with Belgian Draft horses for all soil preparation and cultivation. We take pride in training beginning farmers through our apprenticeship program and on-farm employment.

Located just a few miles from the center of town on the Old Milton Hwy, we enjoy some of the best soil in the world, a good growing climate, and a swimming hole in Yellowhawk Creek. We're working hard, and living our dream. We thank you for all the support of our endeavors and look forward to putting more good food and beautiful flowers on your table this year.

Emily and Andy Asmus and the Whole Farm Crew