Purely Seasonal, Beautiful, Farm Fresh Flowers

Here at Welcome Table Farm we indulge in the beauty of growing fine cut flowers. As farmers we take pride in the freshness, quality, and long vase life of our blooms and greenery. As floral designers we enjoy the artistic aspects of arranging the rich colors, textures, and scents of our fields in bouquets- for you! Like our produce, our flowers are sustainable grown and certified organic. We use no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers in their production. Blossom selection is based on the season with production running from April through October.

 Wedding Flowers

We are happy to work with you to design the perfect flower order for your event or wedding, from full service design for the bridal party and receptions to orders of loose flowers by the bucket for the DIY bride. Contact us to discuss scheduling, color and design options. Please make sure you include the date of your event in the initial correspondence. We only sell the flowers we grow, so early reservations for weddings is recommended! A basic price list is available below.

CSA Flower Subscription

Pick up a lovely bouquet for your table on Tuesday afternoons at the Farmstand or 303 Whitman in Walla Walla.  Our fresh, long-lasting bouquets vary every week and feature lilies, roses, pollen-less sunflowers, and many more floral beauties.  Tuesdays, June through September, 17 weeks= $240+tax

Local Business Delivery

May through September, Thursday delivery between 1 and 3 pm. Great for restaurants, tasting rooms, and professional offices.

$25/week:    1 large in-vase bouquet


                   2 banded, market style bouquets


                   1 banded bouquets and loose flowers for 10-20 tables

$50/week:    2 large in-vase bouquets


                   4 banded, market style bouquets


                   2 banded bouquets and loose flowers for 15-30 tables.

2018 Wedding/Event Pricing


___1 Bridal hand held bouquet @$60 tied with __________ color ribbon

#:___ Bridesmaid hand held bouquets @ $40 tied with _________ color ribbon          

#:___ Corsages @$25 tied with _________ color ribbon. Please select: pin or wrist.

#:___ Boutonnieres @ $15 tied with _________ color ribbon

#:___ Large alter arrangements: $60

#:___ Tall buffet arrangements, $40

#:___ Table arrangements: $20,

#:___ Mini or single variety vase arrangements: $12

#:___ Aisle/pew markers: $15

Loose Flowers:

#:___ “Farmer’s Choice Collection” 2 buckets of blooms, 1 bucket of greenery. $100

 Select a bright/primary color pallet, or soft/pastel color pallet.

            #:___ Bucket of blooms, approximately 1 dozen feature flowers and 4 dozen filler flowers. $45

            #:___Greenery $25/bucket   (20-40 stems of raspberry, sedum, euphorbia, mint, etc…)

#:___Dried rose petals for aisle decoration/flower girl: $20/gallon.

#:___ Lilies @ $3/stem, size dependent (late May-mid July)

#:___ Peonies @$2/stem (May)

#:___ Sunflowers @ $1/stem (end of June-September)

#:___ Filler flowers@ $6/dozen

(A very rough quantity guide is 1 dozen flowers per 1 inch of vase opening width. For example a small mouth mason jar needs 2 dozen stems of flowers and greenery.) 

Associated Costs and Agreements:

__ $100 date reservation fee- to be placed with confirmed estimate. Payable online or by mailed check. Not required for “Farmer’s Choice Collection” or loose flower orders under $300.  

__ $100 delivery and set up fee. Please deliver flowers to ___________________ at __:____ am/pm.


__ I will pick up the flowers at Welcome Table Farm at __:____am/pm on _________.

__ I would like to use buckets from Welcome Table Farm for the loose flowers and understand I will be charged $10 each for buckets not returned by 8am Monday morning.


__ I will provide my own buckets for loose flower transport one week before the event. 

__ I understand that any changes made to a confirmed estimate prior to 1 month before the event will

incur a $5 change fee. Changes made less than 30 days from the event will incur a $20 change fee.

___ I understand that Welcome Table Farm cannot guarantee any single bloom type. All flowers used in the arrangements are farm grown and are subject to the whim of the season. Color preferences and style shall be honored.

___ Full payment shall be remitted two weeks prior to the event by check or Paypall invoice.