Growing the Food We Eat

Food grown at Welcome Table Farm is selected based on what we like to eat. And the "we" is the combined preference of the farmers and shoppers, the growers and eaters. Over our twelve seasons of farming we've refined a list 60 some vegetables that both thrive in our climate and are favored in kitchen and at table. Food is picked at the right maturity, washed well, and cooled in our root cellar or walk-in cooler. We harvest most perishable items within 24 hours of sale, ensuring that they are fresh upon arrival to your home and will last until you are ready to eat them. Our farm is certified organic through the Washington State Department of Agriculture. You can trust that all of our products are pesticide free and grown in nutrient rich soils. We hope that you will be a satisfied part of the Welcome Table "we." Our food offerings for 2019 are listed below and available for purchase online through the "Shop" page.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share:

The weekly mix of farm fresh bounty includes salad greens, cooking greens, roots, fruit (more fruit then ever before!), and other popular seasonal foods. Feeds a household of 2-4 people.

        Tuesdays, June through November.  26 weeks @ $23 weekly average = $600

        Join the 1st Tuesday of July, August, or September. Pro-rated.

 Bonus Box Add-On Option:

For household that eat more produce or are dedicated to preserving the harvest, this supplemental share will bring you bounty at good value.  Varying by week, the Bonus Box will include a mix of items or bulk quantity of a single food. 

    Tuesdays, June through November.  26 weeks @ $10weekly average = $250

Farmstand  and Market Share:

Support the farm with your up-front purchase and get a 10% discount on all food and flower purchases. Buy a $200 share and receive an extra $20 in credit.

Shop at your convenience at the Farmstand at 1812 Old Milton Hwy. April through November, Wednesday-Sunday 10-6pm. Some Sundays: 50% off perishable items. Credit must be used within the season of purchase.

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Farmer’s Market- Saturday, Downtown Walla Walla  , May-October

Chat with your farmers while you shop. Visit with friends. Listen to music. Enjoy juice, tamales, and other treats from local vendors.